Everything else in your home these days is smart, so why not have a smart garage door? Wireless everything is all the rage now, so why not a WiFi connected garage door? Let’s face it, we’ve all had those moments when we left our house or we are laying in bed and next thing you know the thought hits us. Did I leave my garage door open? Consider this: A full 9% of burglars enter through the garage. Think that isn’t a large number? Think again. There are a full 2.5 million burglaries per year! Do the math. That means 234,000 home invasions per year used the garage as the entry point. How many of those are because they were left open? Likely a large amount. With a smart garage door opener, you can simply click a button to ensure you are safe and secure. Many modern smart garage door openers open and close your garage from anywhere. Use a simple mobile app to open and close your garage from anywhere in the world. Many of these systems are directly integrated into home security systems. As long as you have a WiFi connection, you can leave for your fabulous vacation without worrying about your garage door entry point or your home. But just in case you do? Simply log into your mobile app.

The Convenience of WiFi Garage Door Openers

Smart garage doors are great for monitoring critical access points to your home. Even better, you can configure push notifications to be sent to your mobile device from your WiFi connected garage door. Let’s take, for example, you want to know when your kids get home from school, but you aren’t home. You can confirm they are home through your garage door alone. Push garage door notifications let you know if you left it open, closed, or if someone else opened it. A WiFi garage door is not just a luxury. A smart garage door is key to monitoring access to your home. These simple IoT devices provide you with peace of mind, no matter where you are. They don’t rely simply on radio, cell, or other limited methods of communication. They count on all of them. Consider this. If you have an old garage door opener, perhaps now might be a good time to replace it. Save yourself excessive time and effort and go with a device that is smart right out of the box. Your current garage door opener might work just fine, so why would you want to replace it? Well, for one reason, some brands offer a garage door hub mechanism! There is usually a WiFi bridge you pair with an existing app. Other options shoot a laser at a reflective patch on your garage door to determine if it is closed or open. The opener measures whether the laser bounces back or not. You can even schedule your garage door lighting to go on or off depending on whether you are home or not. Or, if you are traveling, you can set lights to go on and off at specific times, alerting people on the street that you might be home.

Smart Garage Door Battery Backup

Chamberlain is a big player in the garage door game. They have been around for a long time. Indeed, their name is ubiquitous with quiet, reliable garage door operation, day-in and day-out. You can find Chamberlain models that provide more than just WiFi capability, they also integrate with Google Assistant and Amazon Key, which are both proprietary systems. With a Google integration, your Google Assistant can close the garage door. However, the one thing you need to consider regarding a Chamberlain door is the year it was made. Chamberlain offers a compatibility tool so you can determine if the sensors will work in smart applications. Fortunately, the WiFi connected garage door opener from Chamberlain gives you all the capabilities you need for a relatively inexpensive price. Ryobi offers a smart garage door opener with a built-in WiFi radio and app. This model can be purchased as a modular assembly. You can add on all sorts of things, from parking guides to cameras, sensors, and much more. Even better, if you use Ryobi tools, you can charge all of your unites through the Ryobi ultra high-capacity rechargeable batteries. One downside to this unit is that it does not integrate with Google or Amazon. It is important to consider that technology related to smart home development changes and evolves over time. What may be an important technology today could be obsolete tomorrow. You need to evaluate what you want to get out of a smart garage door system. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Need assistance figuring out your smart garage door? You know what to do! Simply fill out our contact form and lets talk!
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