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New Garage Doors 

New Garage Doors and Installation in Akron, Canton and Surrounding Areas


New Garage Doors and Installation in Akron, Canton and Surrounding Areas

Prestige Door, LLC offers a variety of doors with unique and innovative designs. Whether you prefer a classic steel garage door or you’re interested in one of the many other styles, such as aluminum, wood, wood composites, fiberglass, vinyl or glass, Prestige Door will show you all of the options available for your home and provide you with the highest level of service. Our trained installers are reliable and trustworthy. Please contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate!

Steel Garage Door

The best steel garage doors are made of two layers of galvanized steel, the surface is typically primed and painted with a topcoat finish or covered with a composite material. Steel doors can be painted to match your home and are available with or without insulation.

The primary consideration for those opting for steel is always the initial cost of buying and installing the garage door. The second consideration is inevitably the lifespan. Steel doors last longer than any other door, whether synthetic or natural. Steel garage doors retain their attractiveness while requiring less maintenance. Even more, modern galvanized steel garage doors will not rust or rot. The durability that comes with steel doors simply cannot be beaten. Because of their long-term potential, steel garage doors also require less maintenance. The last thing anyone wants is for their garage door to fail at just the wrong time, or anytime really! Steel garage doors are strong, lightweight, and they perform day-in and day-out with a far lower maintenance footprint than comparable garage doors.

They Are Functional

Even more, steel garage doors are beautiful. Manufacturers can mold these garage doors into just about any configuration. No matter the attractive shape you have in mind, steel garage doors fit the bill. Whether it be the metal panels or the paint, you can do just about anything with a steel garage door, whether it be conceptualized texturing or window recesses, steel is a versatile material. 

For anyone considering their garage door with sustainability in mind, steel garage doors offer an excellent option, as they are easily insulated. Whether they are installed with a sandwich- or multi-layer-type, steel doors are energy efficient. Yet, the most important factor is that they are safe. 

There is strength in safety and steel doors are strong. They are incredibly difficult to break into. There are no weak spots in steel. A crucial part of safety involves what happens in an emergency. Steel garage doors will not burn like other materials. 

Whether you’re buying decisions are driven by cost of ownership, aesthetics, or safety and security, steel garage doors check the boxes. These types of doors meet the ownership preferences of just about any homeowner. Whatever your steel garage door needs, Prestige Door has got you covered.

Wood Garage Door

Wood garage doors are built with layers, or plies, to prevent warping. The most common woods are cedar, redwood, and fir. Wood doors may be factory-stained or painted, or finished on-site.

Wooden garage doors offer the types of aesthetic appeal that no other garage doors can. You may think that if you’ve seen one garage door you have seen them all, but if you want to really make a statement, wooden garage doors simply cannot be beat. The durability, practicality, safety and security aspects of garage doors are critical, but that does not mean that your home décor should not be left out. 

Custom wood garage doors are often the best option for any circumstance. Wood garage doors are so much more than a large wooden panel; they are artistry and design. Yet they also meet the requirements of durability, practicality, safety, and security. While base wood garage door materials are generally oak, homeowners also have the option to pick from walnut, hemlock, cedar, fir and so much more. 

There are even custom garage door types that incorporate steel into their wooden structure. Whether it be for better rigidity or insulation, layered wood garage doors offer a beautiful and practical solution. Yet, their practicality is eclipsed by their flexibility. Wooden garage doors can be designed in a myriad of ways and with nearly countless patterns and configurations.

They Look Beautiful

While some may worry that their budget may not meet what they want out of a wood garage door, there are plenty of options to meet the needs of a budget-minded consumer. Whether it be standard carriage door or standard panel construction, wooden garage doors fit the bill. Some consumers look for short or long design panels that can be modified to be small, large, bordering, or not bordering certain sections of the door. They can be constructed with windows, should windows be a preference. 

Wood garage door design encompasses so many offers extensive potential. It is easy to attach decorative hardware to wood garage doors. The customization options carry lots of potential. Wooden garage doors carry a unique and traditional appeal that carries a level of sophistication. Whether you want to operate your garage doors manually or automatically, wood offers an excellent solution. Wood is also naturally soundproof. If you live in a noise-polluted area, a garage door that’s wooden serves as an excellent soundproofing material. 

When paired with the right house and the appropriate features and hardware, wood garage doors can fundamentally alter the face of a house. Whether a homeowner is going for a classic or modern design, variations of rockery and other design aesthetics add to a home’s curb appeal. Natural wood stains and treatments offer an incredible array of appeal. Certain oils used in the manufacture of natural wood garage doors guard against common issues, from bending, warping and rotting. With today’s treatment technologies, certain treatments can be combined for particular aesthetic appeal.

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While other garage door styles are harder to repair, wooden garage doors do not dent in the way that vinyl, aluminum or steel might. Replacing a panel or two is far better than replacing the entire door. Wood also offers long life and charm. Like a fine wine, wooden garage doors look only better with age. Prestige Door understands the appeal of this kind of charm. To learn more about the work we do with custom garage doors, click here.

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