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New Garage Door Openers & Installation in Akron, Canton and Surrounding Areas

Powerful, quiet and durable… If your current Door Opener doesn’t check all three of these boxes, we can help! Our automatic garage door openers are designed for smooth, quiet performance and long-lasting reliability. Not sure which Door Opener to choose? You’re not alone. There are three main types of drive systems for garage door openers. Belt drive, chain drive, and screw drive. If you’re not sure which drive system is right for you, we’ll explain the differences. With all the advances in technology, there are many more brands available today than in years past. So to help you find the best make and model opener for your situation, one of our experienced technicians will walk you through the pros and cons of each and help you decide.

The fact is, no matter what garage door opener type you use or want to install, Prestige Door is your best bet. For more information on how we can ensure your garage door opener functions as it is supposed to, contact us today.

Belt-Driven Garage Door Openers

Belt-driven garage door openers use a rubber belt to slide the trolley when the garage door needs to be opened or closed. In this case, because the trolley is moving on a rubber belt, it is far less noisy than a chain-driven opener. Belt-driven garage door openers also produce fewer vibrations than chain openers and require less moving parts, which means they are less prone to breakage. Furthermore, homes that have a bedroom or living area near the garage door, a belt-driven option is ideal.

Chain-Operated Garage Door Openers

While chain drive garage door openers are usually the lowest-cost option, some homeowners don’t like the noise. Why? Because as the chain drives the trolley, it causes a racket. While there is noise, chain openers are very cost-effective. Because of the potential for noise, chain garage door openers are a great option when the garage is detached from the house. But for homes where a room or living area is situated near the garage, chain openers are not.

Screw-Driven Garage Door Openers

Screw drive garage door openers use a threaded steel rod to move the trolley. The trolley opens and closes as the thread rotates. Like belt-driven varieties, screw drive garage door openers require less moving parts and do not require a lot of up-front maintenance. Furthermore, screw drive openers also offer a greater level of durability. While they are as quiet and require less maintenance than belt-driven varieties, they are stronger than belt-driven varieties

Is your Garage Door Opener Broken?

Fixing or replacing a garage door opener is not a minor job. That is why it is important to double-check. Homeowners can assess a seemingly broken garage door opener before calling the repair person. In some cases, the problem is not with the opener itself. The door may be out of alignment or there may be a spring issue. But if you do think the opener itself could be the problem, there are steps you can take to test it.

The first suggestion is probably the most obvious. If you can unplug and plug back in the garage door opener, that might help. Also, check the wall lights. If it is a problem with the circuit breaker, it may need to be reset. If attempting the common fixes does not work, you may need to repair or replace the opener.

So, what’s the problem? The most common reason a garage door opener needs a repair or replacement is due to a malfunction on the logic board. The logic boards are the brains of the operation and ensure the smooth functionality of the device. Another common problem is stripped gears. The mechanical components inside the opener might still work, but without functional gears, it will not operate. Need garage door repair in Canton, Ohio? If you feel your garage door opener is not functioning properly and you cannot seem to diagnose or fix it, don’t hesitate to contact Prestige Door today!

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