None of us want to spend time worrying about our garage door service. When you come home after a long day, you expect it to open when you push the button and close with no problems. It becomes an almost automatic reaction, without thought. But as you know, sometimes you’ve got to put some thought into it. It is inevitable that at some point during the life of your home, you will be the victim of the dreaded garage door damage.

Think about it. Anything could go wrong with your garage door at any time. It is mechanical, and like anything mechanical, it is susceptible to break-downs. What if you are moving items into the garage and it gets stuck shut, leaving your things exposed to bad guys? Even a door that gets stuck halfway is a security issue. Whether it is vandals, burglars or the elements, you need a functional garage door. Yet we are imperfect. What if you accidentally back into your door? It certainly happens many times a day all over the world. But if it happens to you, don’t worry. Stay calm.

Obviously it is critical you do something about a seriously damaged garage door, and not just for security but for aesthetic reasons. Garage door damage is not only a safety risk, but it also damages your home’s curb appeal. Fortunately, if you live in Akron, Canton or the surrounding areas, Prestige Door is here to help!

What Are the Different Types of Garage Door Damage?

There are a myriad of ways you or something else can damage your garage door. Problems can typically be drilled down to a few simple causes:

  • Backing into it
  • A technical issue
  • Wear and tear
  • An obstruction
  • Age

Any expert garage door service repair professional will tell you, the most common reason for garage door damage or failure is due to broken springs. So, don’t worry, that damaged garage door might not actually be your fault. In fact, it probably isn’t. Because garage door springs are put under an immense amount of stress, over and over again, they break. A simple law of averages states that the more you use your garage door, the sooner your springs will break. Older garage doors are even more prone to spring breakage.

Another common type of garage door problem is cable breakage. Garage doors use what is called wire rope. These are the lifting cables. Although wire rope is incredibly tough, as with anything made of matter, over time it wears down. Garage door cables specifically become brittle over time and start to fray. At the end of the road they unwind and snap and that’s all she wrote.

The real fun one, however, is the tiny sensor located on either side of the garage door. Nearly everyone who owns a home with a garage has likely dealt with an oversensitive sensor. Still, they are incredibly important the, dare we say, their feelings must be taken into account. Sensors are important safety features that prevent the doors from crashing into objects in their path – objects that include your cars or kids. Even a slight misalignment can throw them off. It isn’t worth jeopardizing you or your family’s safety by not paying them any attention.

Technical issues can be a real bear. And while we always recommend hiring an expert garage door repair professional, sometimes they occur. Consider that your garage requires electricity to operate. What if a fuse blows? Or what if you have water damage or frayed wires? Always remember, if you have garage door electrical issues, you need to call a garage door repair professional. Those are not DIY jobs.

What do I do if I Have Garage Door Damage?

Remember this: Just because you have some garage door damage, that does not mean you need an entirely new system, from tracks to rollers, springs, etc. In reality, the only time you need to replace the entire system is when you have massive or catastrophic damage. The hop is that an individual panel replacement fixes the job. Garage door repair professionals are usually able to fix dings, dents, and other minor cosmetic damage. Why pay for an expensive refit? You might not need it.

The first thing you need to do when something is wrong with your garage door is to inspect it. Don’t hesitate to do a visual identification of problems. While we don’t recommend touching springs or tracks or other components, sometimes a visual inspection quickly reveals the problem. This information can then be related to the garage door repair individual. Once that happens, a garage door repair person will come out and look for the following:

  • Mechanical condition
  • Surface damage
  • Discoloration
  • Paint condition
  • Window condition

All these factors can help the repair person figure out what happened with the garage door. And while you are wondering how paint condition determines whether a door should be replaced or not, consider that warping or cracking of the paint is an indication of a larger problem.

Still, many things are small problems that do not require replacement. In some cases, garage doors simply need to be put back on their tracks. While this is something you should not attempt to fix yourself, it should be easy to spot if your garage door is stuck.

How Much Does a Garage Door Repair Cost?

Since garage door damage can come from just about anywhere, garage door repair costs vary widely. Another big factor is the type of garage door you have. Factors like number, size, features, and type all play into how much a repair cost will be. If you want to replace sections of an older door, that may wind up costing you more than replacing the entire door if those sections are no longer available.

Broken garage doors that need to be completely dismantled and reinstalled will usually run the highest out of all services. But the exact cost is determined after consultation. Nobody likes garage door damage. But it need not be a stressful event. If you have a damaged garage door, contact Prestige Door today!

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