Guess what? Garages are much more than just places to park your car. The modern homeowner utilizes their garage for everything from a utility space to a workshop or spare bedroom. The fact is, there are numerous different types and configurations of garage upgrades. And even if you do park your vehicle in the garage, are you properly utilizing the space available to you? Whether it be to store winter snow blowers or summer lawn equipment, your garage is quite versatile. Are you getting the most out of it?

Sure, we get it. It doesn’t matter what the size of your garage is, you are still likely asking the question: “What do I do with the space in my garage?” The good news is you have a lot of it. Many homeowners don’t even realize how much space they have… overhead! That’s right, when you try to figure out how to optimize your garage space, simply look to the heavens. Many people don’t even consider a ceiling storage system, yet they make the perfect place to store Christmas lights or other rarely-used household items.

Best Methods for Stowing Tools

Are you a DIYer? Probably. We are. And if you are, you know that a tool collection never stops growing. Whether it be the latest power tool or a new set of nuts and bolts, all this stuff needs to be organized. Fortunately, they now make compact, upright tool organizers and drawers for the intrepid handyman or woman. You would probably be best off investing in a coated metal tool drawer. We all know how gnarly Akron-area winters can be. The last thing you want is to purchase a tool stowage unit that can’t resist the harsh Northeast Ohio elements.

Also consider the larger tools in your arsenal. Do you have a leaf blower, lawn mower, air compressor, or other mechanized tool? Depending on the size of your chosen device, you can often find efficient mounting options. Combination shelf and hanging mounted space set to one side of your garage might provide just enough storage space.

How About a Garage Parking Guide?

There are plenty of different garage upgrades to choose from. Some may seem more practical than others. Indeed, the idea of a parking guide in your garage may initially seem over the top. Yet, it is more practical then you might think. Think about it. Have you ever unintentionally scratched your car’s bumper when you accidentally drove too far into the garage? There could even have been a time when your garage door sensor was out of alignment the garage door hit your bumper on the way down. These are real-world scenarios that happen to real people every day.

There is nothing wrong with setting yourself up with a garage parking guide. Even better, they are not difficult to set up. You want to start by parking your car in the sweet spot. Take special care to ensure your sensors are online and that your car is parked at just the right distance from the wall and the descending door. Once you have lined it up, suspend a tennis ball on a cord from the ceiling so that it barely touches the front windshield. Now, when you pull in, you stop as soon as the tennis ball touches the windshield. Is that a little too DIY for you? Don’t worry, they sell stop signs too.

Garage Upgrades Include Floors

Obviously your garage floor represents another dimension of your garage. Unfortunately, too few people pay close attention or care to their garage floors. Concrete slab floors are susceptible to cracks and flaking over time. Certainly small cracks and fissures aren’t cause for alarm, but slopes and deep pits can cause big problems. Even worse, it looks bad.

Fortunately, there are effective DIY options for fixing or upgrading your garage floor. It shouldn’t be difficult to fill in cracks with mortar or self-leveling sealer. You can find these types of materials at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you could even return a damaged garage floor to its former glory by applying a concrete resurfacing material. You do want to make sure you apply it correctly, however. Worried you might get it wrong? Don’t hesitate to call a professional.

Creating a Livable Garage Space

Do you use your garage as a workshop? Perhaps you’ve got your washer and dryer in there. Maybe you even want to turn it into a spare room. Whatever your intentions, you will need your garage to be adequately wired for use. This is especially true if you are using tools that draw on heavy amounts of electricity, such as air compressors or welders. Do you have the dedicated circuits you need? Multiple-circuit outlets are susceptible to burnouts with too many devices connected. It is important to remember that you need to consult a licensed electrician to complete this work. It is not something we would recommend from a DIY perspective.

If you want your garage to be livable whether you are living in it or not, you need to consider an exhaust fan. If you sand, weld, or work with chemicals in your garage, you should have an exhaust fan. Exhaust fans are also good at drying the air out and removing toxic fumes and air born dust and pollutants. Just because you enjoy tinkering tinkering with engines or wood doesn’t mean your family should inhale the particles. Cut everyone a break with a garage exhaust system.

When you consider garage upgrades, you’ll probably realize there is a lot to consider. From proper insulation to lighting, garage door types and more, you’ve got a lot of options. Fortunately, if you need any garage door repair or installation services to complete your ultimate garage look, Prestige Door has got you covered.

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