We are just going to come right out with it: We are living in extraordinary times. If there was ever a time that cleanliness was on everyone’s mind, it is now. Even more, with most people stuck at home, now is the time to take up tasks that need your attention. One of those might be your garage. Let’s face it: The garage is usually the last room on a homeowner’s mind to clean. Why? Well, you’ve heard of that phrase “Out of sight, out of mind.” Unless your garage is converted into a room, you likely don’t spend enough time in there to appreciate its cleanliness – or lack thereof. And lets not forget about the curb appeal factor to a clean garage door. All around, a clean garage is important.

So don’t worry! We are here to help. We’ve got the top tips you need to keep your garage spic and span. Let’s dive right in.

Start With a Clean Garage Door

Think about all those times you drive by a home with a filthy garage door. It’s unattractive. You wrinkle your nose. A dirty garage door is simply a bad look for a homeowner. Don’t let that homeowner be you. Even more, some garage doors come with warranties that can be voided because of a seriously dirty garage door.

Now, you are probably thinking you know how to clean your garage door. Nothing a good hose down won’t fix, right? Wrong. There is more to cleaning a garage door than the exterior. You’ve also got to think about mechanical components. Your warranty might not cover a buildup of dirt or oil on the tracks that leads to a mechanical breakdown. It is important you know how to clean garage door tracks and other components. Those are quick DIY jobs.

Consider cleaning your garage door at least twice a year. The best times to do it are in the spring and the fall. Residents of Northeastern Ohio want to be especially diligent in maintaining a clean garage door before the onset of winter. Heavy accumulation of dirt and dust can lead to the formation of ice particles on the door.

Use a bucket filled with water, soap, a hose, and a rag. You can also use a bristle brush as a substitute for a soft rag. Just be careful. If you have a wooden garage door, a stiff bristle brush might cause scratches. Abrasive sponges and scouring products might similarly damage your garage door’s finish. Also make sure you never use a pressure washer on your garage door or mix cleaner with bleach to clean it with.

How to Prevent Dust in the Garage

Now that you’ve got a clean garage door, let’s move from the garage door to the garage interior. When you think about a sparkling garage, what is one of the first things that comes to mind? Dust. Dust is every garage’s nightmare. And the problem is the nature of the garage. It is simply just too easy for dust to blanket garage surfaces. But what can you do to prevent it?

First, if you haven’t already done so, consider sealing your garage’s concrete floor. Over time, moisture, dirt, oil and grease work together to break down the concrete. You wind up with concrete microscopically turning to dust. As you walk or drive in the garage, this dust is spread around and settles everywhere. A concrete sealant will both decrease dust and prevent stains. There are plenty of solid gel sealers on the market that offer simple do-it-yourself installation options.

When was the last time you took a close look at the door seals in your garage? You would be shocked at the amount of dirt, dust, and pests that can invade your garage when your seals or weatherstripping are, well, stripped. You want to have a look at any side doors, interior doors, and of course your garage door. Make sure you reattach or replace seals that are loose, cracked, ripped or torn.

Top Garage Tips for the Clean-Conscious

Alright, so you’ve got a clean garage door, you’ve sealed your floor, now what’s more? Well, when it comes to keeping our garage clean, it’s about more than just picking up a broom. In fact, we don’t recommend using a broom at all! A shop vacuum with a good filter offers a far more effective way to keep your garage clean than a broom, which will simply push the dust and dirt around. How? Because a lot of the dust and dirt in your garage is microscopic. A broom will likely simply redistribute his dust while it collects the larger bits.

You also need to be cognizant of how you store things in your garage. If you use your garage to store things like potting soil or fertilizer, you need to use sealed storage containers. Storing your items in sealed containers also prevents rodents and other pests from infesting the contents.

Also consider landscaping equipment. It is real easy to just throw your rake back into the garage without thought to the leaves, dust, and dirt that will wind up littering your garage floor. Grass clippings and dirt from tools present a big problem. Do your kids participate in sports and outdoor activities? Equipment, shoes, clothes, and other related items bring in a lot more dust and dirt then you might expect.

Finally, consider an air filtration system. If you heat or cool your garage with central air or heating, make sure to regularly change the vent filter leading to the garage the same as you would with any other filter in the house. Don’t use a filtered appliance to hear or cool your garage? Consider an air filtration or dust containment system. If you use your garage as a shop for woodworking or other vocational activities, air filtration is even more important.

Most importantly, it is critical to remember that your garage is much more than a place to store a vehicle. It serves so many purposes. And most of all, it needs to look good. Do you have a garage door that’s ruining your curb appeal? We can help! For garage door repair and installation services in Akron, Canton, Stow, Cuyahoga Falls or surrounding areas, Prestige Door has got you covered! Contact us today.

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