Are you preparing for a garage door purchase? Look, buying a new garage door is not a walk in the park. It may seem like it because, after all, it is just another “door”, but your garage door plays a vital and complex function. It serves as a security barrier, the largest entryway, and an eye-catching home accessory. Your home’s garage door must serve all masters.

The considerations that must go into choosing a new garage door are multitude.

  • Should your entry doors match your garage door?
  • What is the right garage door color?
  • Should you change your garage door material?
  • Do you want to incorporate technology or insulation?
  • Should your door be wood, aluminum, or steel?

Today, we are going to dive deep into all the things you must consider when choosing a garage door, whether you are building from the ground up or renovating. So let’s get started!

Your Garage Door Reflects You

Building or buying a home provides you with the opportunity to personalize it. How it looks is up to you! Whether you own a historic home or build a new one, chances are you want people to get a good impression of you when they see your home.

When you keep your home in good condition, not only will it be more pleasant to live in, it will look better and reflect better on you. If you wan to sell your home at some point, then the time you put into maintenance and upgrades will pay off when closing time arrives. Wouldn’t you want the biggest return on your investment? Of course! Paying close attention to your next garage door purchase is critical to ensuring people get a good impression when they first see your home’s exterior.

Obviously choosing a home project is not easy. There is always something to be done around the house. How do you prioritize? Consider the most important thing to most home owners, businesses, or anyone else who cares about the size of their bank account: Return on investment (ROI).

Focus on Return on Investment

Guess what? We’ve got good news. A new garage door purchase provides an excellent return on your investment. In many cases, you may get more out of a new garage door than any other home improvement. One’s return on investment refers to something’s worth after an investment was made to improve it. As an example, people who flip homes look specifically at ROI for their short term purchases.

Some people buy fixer-uppers and then renovate them and sell them for a profit, providing substantial ROI in some cases. When you put money into your home, depending on the upgrade, it is very likely you will get that money back out. And if you are ready to sell your home, renovations must be a consideration. The last thing you want is to have features that look beat up or outdated to potential home buyers.

One of the reasons a new garage door purchase is one of the top renovation recommendations is because it is relatively inexpensive to upgrade when compared to other parts of your home, specifically ones as large as a garage door. You can generally get better ROI out of a garage door than you would a stone veneer, adding a deck, or upgrading your appliances. Garage doors last a lot longer than dishwashers, after all.

What to Consider in Your Next Garage Door Purchase

There are important questions to answer before you invest in a new garage door. This is not a minor thing. Make sure you get it right. Before you even begin the process, you have to set out a budget for yourself. Your budget will be based on the following factors:

  • Size: How big of a garage door do you need?
  • Type: What configuration is your garage? Will you need carriage doors or a standard door?
  • Material: Looking for a basic steel or high-end wood? You’ve got options.
  • Accents: Do you want windows or built-in lighting?
  • Accessories: What kind of technology do you want built in? What kind of garage door opener do you need?

Once you have these questions answered, you can begin the research and set out on making a budget for yourself. Or, to make the job easier, you could call Prestige Door and have us provide you with an estimate! We have some of the lowest new garage door installation prices in Northeast Ohio!

What About the Color?

If there is one thing that homeowners fret over in just about every aspect of their home it is color. What color should this be? What color should that be? The struggle is real. And it is even more tough when you consider your garage door. When you evaluate your new garage door’s color, you need to ask yourself what you want to do.

  • Matching Colors: Depending on the style and scheme of your home, you may want your garage door to match the front of the house, door or shutters.
  • Coordinating Colors: In this case, your garage door is not the same color as your home, but it is coordinated with it. Perhaps a light brown with a dark brown home exterior.

You can also go with a contrasting color. If you do not want too much contrast, simply choose a different shade. There are generally several main colors for garage doors, although homeowners can customize. For example, you can usually find new garage doors in:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Beige
  • Dark Brown

No matter what color, style, or budget you decide to work with when making your new garage door purchase, just don’t forget that your friends at Prestige Door are merely a phone call away!

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