Akron residents know that we live in a unique place. Our little section of the state has a lot to offer. There is the incomparable Cedar Point amusement park, the stunningly beautiful Cuyahoga National Park, and the unforgettable Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. We also are blessed to have four seasons. From beautiful, blossoming springs to colorful falls, perfect summers, and cold, cold winters – we get it all. And that’s why you need a garage door installer who knows what you need. No matter what the time or season, you need to be able to count on your garage door to keep the elements out and the peace of mind in. There are ample reasons why you should hire a professional garage door installer.

First, whether you have a broken garage door, want a more aesthetically-pleasing one, or need a more robust, insulated door, installing a new garage door provides an exceptional return on your investment. Yet, installing a new garage door is not a simple matter. If you want to have a positive experience without spending an arm and a leg, due diligence is key. The road to an attractive, well-functioning garage door is paved with more than good intentions; it’s paved by an experienced garage door repair professional and installer.

Why is a Professional Garage Door Installer Just What You Need?

Because without one, what will you do with that unattractive, broken, or inadequate garage door? With an internet full of seemingly simple DIY garage door fixes, why can’t you just do it yourself? Quite frankly, for some things, you can. But for other, more complicated work – such as installing a brand new garage door – you really should enlist the help of a professional. Professional installers can be counted on to have:

  • A high level of experience
  • A great safety record
  • Equipment you probably don’t own
  • Quick, time-saving installation practices
  • Warranty information

While you may be able to do some things around the house yourself, some things you need experience for. Even more, convenience is a huge factor. It would likely take you forever to try and install your own garage door. And while installing a garage door sounds really appealing to us, it probably doesn’t to you. Hiring a professional garage door installer ensures the job gets done quickly and efficiently.

Yet safety is even more important than convenience. Because while garage door weight may vary depending on the type of door, there is more than the door to consider. When you are dealing with springs, rollers, tracks, openers, and doors, you could run into any number of problems that could lead to serious injury.

Reputation Matters When it Comes to Your Garage Door

If you want to capitalize on all the benefits we just mentioned, you need to find a garage door installer that has a great reputation. And we do mean better than good, we mean great. We understand you have many options. After all, we aren’t the only garage door installer in Akron, Canton and the surrounding areas. The fact is, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not a job was done right, or whether someone is overcharging you.

One of the first places you can look is at online reviews. Nearly three-quarters of consumers say they trust a local business more if it has positive reviews. If you want to know more about a company, all you need to do is type their business name into a search. Including their location or state, they’re in would also help. A search of that nature should reveal reviews, whether they are on Google, Facebook, Yelp, or elsewhere. Never settle for less than five stars. Because when you can hire someone who has a strong online reputation, likely driven by your very neighbors, why not go with them?

Personal recommendations are also incredibly important. If you have friends, family, or coworkers who have already worked with a reputable company, their word can be invaluable. Certainly, one person’s recommendation doesn’t mean everything, but it can provide you with a general direction to look in.

Looking to Verified Sources for Information

Many companies that have been operating in their space for a long time have likely been sending out a mailer or two. They might also have a lot of published content on their website. Unique, published testimonials on websites you have heard of can verify the business you are looking into. Do previous customers give them accolades for promptness and customer service? Do you see that they offer discounts or are well-known for top-notch results?

Really, there is no more verified source than where you live. Northeast Ohio residents have to deal with the elements. If you accidentally back into your garage door in the middle of a bad weather event, you need someone who will respond quickly. Local garage door installers know your area best. Out of town installers might not know the area or arrive quickly. Partnering with a local installer ensures you make a pick that is well-suited for your environment.

Here at Prestige Door, we have completed more than 1,400 projects in Akron, Canton and the surrounding areas. We have established ourselves as a trusted name in Northeast Ohio. Being able to stand by our online reviews and customer testimonials is an honor we are committed to upholding. We live among our community and hold a high level of service and professionalism as a core value. If you have been researching and pondering who you should hire to install your new garage door, contact Prestige Door today.

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