Are you as excited as we are for the warm weather? With Cuyahoga Falls in the 80s, now is the time to take a break into nature. There is no rule saying you must socially distance yourself from the birds and the trees; the blue sky and bees. Whether you live in Akron, Canton, Stow or another surrounding city, it is time to take advantage of the summer warmth. But the question is, how do you do it? Perhaps you should try sprucing up your garage! We’ve got your top summer garage door maintenance tips right here.

Why Summer is the Best Time for Exterior Maintenance

Let’s face it: Summer is the best time to handle some of those exterior house maintenance items you have been putting off since the dawn of time. The last thing you want to do during a freezing Northeast Ohio winter is do exterior maintenance. Don’t put off beautifying your home’s exterior for the sake of extra time. The next thing you know, it will be sub-40 again and you will have to wait another year to get it done.

Garage door maintenance is best completed during the summer months. As we have said many times before, routine maintenance is absolutely critical to ensuring your garage functions properly year-in and year-out. Even more, if you are concerned with how your home looks, then the summer months may be the best time to get your garage door looking the best it can. Now the question is, what do you do?

Top Garage Door Summer Maintenance Tips

So, the summer is here. Is your garage door in tip-top shape? If not, it’s time for you to address it. The question is, what are the different types of garage door maintenance and upkeep that you should focus on? Let’s take a look at each one-by-one.

The first and most obvious thing is washing. We wash our cars and clothes, so why not our garage doors? Consider that, like your clothing represents your personality, your garage door represents you and your home. When people see it, whether it be a potential home buyer or a new friend over for dinner – your garage door will make an impression when they pull up. Will it be a good one? If your garage door is covered in dirt or debris, what do you imagine they will think the inside of your house looks like? You can use a mild car or dish washing detergent and a hose to wash your garage door. It is as simple as that. Get it done. 

Another critical part of your garage door’s appearance is its paint. A fresh coat of paint will go a long way to giving your garage door the shine it deserves. But make sure the paint you use is simpatico with your home itself. Here in Uniontown and everywhere else in Ohio, we deal with some wicked winters. Rust on garage doors can be a serious problem. Corrosion can spread very quickly and completely destroy a metal garage door. Take the time during these warm summer months to sand down any persistent rust or corrosion on your garage door. Combine this garage door maintenance with a new paint job and just like that you have killed two birds with one stone

The final, and most important part of warm weather garage door maintenance lies in the inspection. One of the few things a homeowner can do when it comes to their garage is ensure they inspect it. Spend some time looking at the door, springs, rollers, and garage door opener. If there are any problems or if anything isn’t working properly, it may be time to call the professionals.

Keeping Your Cool in the Summer

We would be remiss if we wrote a summer garage maintenance blog but didn’t give you some top tips on keeping your garage cool. Let’s face it: Keeping your garage cool during a sweltering summer is a challenge. Not only does a cool garage prevent excess humidity and overall degradation of your stuff, but it lowers your electricity bill. Who doesn’t like the sound of that? So, what do you do?

Consider how your garage is designed. Do you have outward facing windows or doors? Natural ventilation provides a great way to keep air moving, temperatures down, and utility bills low. Another tried-and-true option is a ceiling fan. Sure, you may have a garage door opener smack in the middle of your garage ceiling, but if there is any real estate for another home accessory, consider a ceiling fan, especially if you use the garage for recreational activities.

You may also want to consider dehumidifying options. Whether it is through a dehumidifying machine specifically or an air conditioner, you want to make sure your garage stays clear of excessive moisture. Not only will this keep your things from molding or smelling bad, but it will prevent your garage air from feeling thick or sticky.

Look, summer is great for jet skiing on the lake, but don’t you want to complete essential home improvement jobs when the weather is warm? The time is now. Do not hesitate any further. If your garage door or garage interior needs maintenance, you shouldn’t put it off any longer.

Consider the upcoming winter. Is your garage door insulated? Installing a garage door with built-in insulation, or upgrading to a wooden garage door, will save your skin and your electricity bill this summer. Even better, summer is the best time to call Prestige Door.

We are on call waiting from you. Whether you need emergency service to get your car out of the garage or want an insulated garage door for your winter prep – we can help. Let us help you ensure you garage door is the best it can be. Contact Prestige Door today!

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