These have certainly been extraordinary times. With COVID-19 upending world economies, shuttering businesses, and trapping people in their homes, suddenly the playbook of life has been thrown out. People are now rewriting the way they spend their day and live their life. And with the home now being the focal point, now is a good time to figure out how you can get the most out of it – and that includes your garage. And it is about more than fixing a damaged garage door, it is about your well being. So, how can you get the most out of your garage during COVID-19?

Work Out in the Garage

What do you place a priority on in your life? Do you place a high priority on fitness? While many parts of the country reopen, including many businesses in Akron, Canton, and the surrounding areas, some still fear going out. Did you have a gym membership but are still concerned about returning to the gym? Perhaps now is the time to turn your garage into a workout studio. You may not have considered it, but the garage is actually an ideal place for you to do regular workouts. Not only can the garage be climate controlled, but you’ll avoid a family feud with your family while they are trying to watch an episode of Family Feud and you are working out around them. A modern garage makeover is capable of creating a multipurpose space. You could park your car in the garage and transform it into a workout room. Many people have limited storage options in their home. They have children who participate in competitive sports. Yet, they may also want a space to workout in. How do they juggle all these needs? A modern garage makeover that includes repairing a damaged garage door, applying a floor coating, and adding an air conditioner is exactly what is needed. The garage can be used for stretch workouts, Pilates, kickboxing routines, or even to place large exercise equipment. If you are looking for a way to use your garage that is good for your health, consider turning it into your own private gym!

Just Get Rid of It

Can you think of a better time than now to begin a long-awaited garage junk cleaning project? A cluttered garage limits what you can do with your space. Rather than being able to turn your garage into a personal gym, workshop, or other space, you’ve got piles of junk in every corner instead. You want a space that can serve your family in different ways. Uncluttering your garage is just the way to do that. Isn’t it amazing how good humans are at allowing collections of junk to develop in just about any space? A damaged garage door isn’t even half your problem if your garage is filled with stuff that has little worth or significance in your life. Consider this: You might be parking a car worth tens of thousands of dollars outside in the elements and insecure while worthless junk occupies its spot in the garage. So, what should you be on the lookout for? Let’s start with old paint. Look inside just about any cluttered garage and it is highly likely you will run into a bunch of cans of old and unused paint. Get rid of ’em. If your garage isn’t climate controlled, the paint will separate. If you do need to store touch up paint, make sure it is in a dark, climate-controlled space or a cabinet. Even people with clean garages have difficulty keeping old books, magazines, and various paper items from cluttering up their garage. Cardboard, paper, old tax returns, board games – we could go on and on. This type of stuff is prime for a garage clutter takeover. The best way to deal with this stuff is to keep it in airtight bins. Not only will this keep air and moisture from destroying it, but you can easily stack the bins for better storage. You might also want to consider old tires, broken or rusty tools, old carpet, old sports equipment or lawn care equipment. They are all serious garage clutter hazards.

From Drab to Fab

Don’t give your garage short shrift because you think it just isn’t that important of a space. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Wrong. Beyond just a room for parking vehicles, the garage deserves to have more attention paid to its decor, aesthetic, and appearance. It is time to view the garage as something that is more than just utilitarian room. You’ve also got to think beyond the garage door. Fixing a damaged garage door isn’t a fix-all. In fact, the garage’s main focal point is not the door, it is the floor. These days you can invest in highly advanced garage floor products. Your garage floor really sets the tone for the rest of the space. Cardboard and grease stains are the last things that provide real appeal. Also consider looking beyond just the floor. Many companies offer baseboard coatings and treatments. You can provide a seamless look between your garage floor and walls and bring the overall aesthetic together. Another consideration should be lighting. A dim garage is not exciting. Don’t skim on bright lighting. One way to bring in lighting and instantly increase your garage’s appeal is through a garage door upgrade. Imagine installing a beautiful new garage door replete with windows that let copious amounts of sunlight in. If you do wind up turning your garage into a personal gym, windows to the outside world might be just what you are looking for. Whether you intend on creating a personal gym or doing something else with your garage, Prestige Door can help you get your door, opener, tracks, rollers, and other garage door essentials in order. Let us be part of your garage beauty makeover!
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