Every single time you leave or return home, there is your old garage door. You see it so much you likely now take it for granted. Few people pause to consider the significant impact your old garage door has on your home’s curb appeal. And curb appeal is very important, especially if you are buying or selling a home somewhere like Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Is your home telling you, “It’s time for a new garage door in Cuyahoga Falls?” Read on. 

Sure, paint, landscaping, and interior features all contribute to how sell-able it is, but when someone pulls up to look at your home, they will immediately notice a trashed garage door. Ever since the dawn of the automobile, garage’s have become a central focal point in a home’s decor. The fact is, if your garage door appears damaged, dirty, or out-of-date, your home’s good looks are going to suffer. You want your garage door to compliment the rest of your house, not take away from it.

We should also mention that this is about more than just good looks. A nice, new garage door can directly benefit a homeowner’s bank account. A garage door should never be an afterthought when it comes to a home’s design. You can use a new garage door makeover to give your home an instant face lift. And if it has been a long time since you last shopped for a garage door, you will be surprised at how much things have changed. Cost, functionality, durability, and flexibility have all improved over the years. Now is the time for your new garage door makeover.

When Good Looks Count

Let’s face it, people like good-looking things, whether it be people, cars or homes. Beauty counts for many things in this world and your garage door is not exempt from that. When looked at street side, your garage door could represent up to half of your home’s facade, depending on its layout. As a prominent part of your home’s facade, it could easily be the first thing to make an impression.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Is your garage door making a bad impression on your home?
  • Does your garage door reflect poorly on your priorities as a homeowner?
  • Is garage door damage causing structural issues in your garage door?
  • Does your garage door adequately reflect your home’s style?
  • Does your garage door match your home?

By adding a new garage door to your home, you can instantly transform the home’s aesthetic. A new garage door better captures your priorities, design vision and style. Your garage door sends a message.

With so many different options, from traditional wood doors to efficient manufactured options – there is no reason to put it off. You can customize your garage door by combining panel styles with decorative window designs and high-quality paints and primers. And just like that your home looks 100% better!

Consider Efficiency and Return on Investment

In just about any application or household, the garage door is seeing daily use, sometimes many times a day. This causes the ambient temperature in the garage to zip up and down like yo-yo. Sure, if you don’t use your garage that much, this isn’t a problem, but let’s face it, most people use their garages. For those that use their garage for a third purpose, temperature control is even more important. Energy efficiency is important.

Now you may be thinking that an energy efficient garage door has nothing to do with your garage’s curb appeal, but you would be mistaken. Curb appeal is directly related to sell-ability. Your house is more sell-able with an energy efficient garage door. And when it comes to being able to sell your home, the first thing you are going to consider in an upgrade is return on investment.

Sure, home improvements add value, but not every home improvement has the best long-term ROI. Only a certain number of projects pay you back when it is time to put your home on the market. Fortunately, upgrading your garage door routinely ranks near the top of remodeling projects that pay you back in the end. According to Remodeling magazine, the average homeowner can expect to get up to 94.5% of what they spent on a new garage door back when they sell their home.

Your New Garage Door ROI is Up To You

In the end, however, how much your new garage door gives back is up to you. Maintenance goes a long way in safeguarding your investment. Are you keeping up with annual maintenance? If your garage door requires ongoing finish upkeep to retain its natural beauty, you need to make sure you are completing that task.

We no longer live in an era where all you can expect from your garage is for the door to open and close. In the age of WiFi-connected garage doors, anything is possible. Replacing your garage door should be looked at as a way to both boost your home’s curb appeal and sell-ability. Are you looking for a new garage door in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio? Prestige Door serves your area! Contact us today.

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