When you think “garage door,” the glass varieties may not be the first that come to your mind. Whether it be a carriage-style garage door or something more traditional, many don’t immediately think of a glass garage door as a viable option. But here’s the thing: It is. To be honest, when you see a glass garage door, it is really quite hard to look at regular garage doors in the same way.

Obviously, as a garage door repair and installation company, we don’t have anything against traditional garage doors. We work with them all the time! But we also acknowledge that glass garage doors look really nice, and we always get excited whenever we get the call to install one. Why? Let’s take a closer look at why glass garage doors are pretty cool!

Digging Deeper into Glass Garage Doors

Over the years the garage door has evolved from a manually operated device to some more beautiful and complex. And in the past decade, this evolution has accelerated. One of the most interesting developments in garage door design has been the rise of the all-glass garage door

Although we use the term “glass garage doors,” it doesn’t quite fit because glass garage doors are not actually made of glass. In fact, glass garage doors are often constructed out of aluminum, they simply have frame inserts. There are options for steel frames, but we recommend aluminum.

If you’ve ever seen one of the new all-glass panel garage doors it’s not something you’re likely to forget. They are often elegant in design and pleasing to the eye. Not only can they be visually stunning, they also add a degree of luster to a house that’s hard to beat. When it comes to increasing curb appeal, glass garage doors offer a winning hand.

Most garage door manufacturers have specific product lines for their glass door styles. Here is the thing, however: You don’t want to just put a glass garage door in simply because it sounds like a good idea. There are pros and cons to going with a glass garage door.

The Pros of Having a Glass Garage Door

Glass garage doors have a lot of appeal, but they aren’t for everyone. Still, if your house and neighborhood are compatible, they may be right for you. Let’s look at some of the benefits.

Natural Light. Dark spaces are a pain to work in and garages – by design – usually do not have enough natural light coming in. But when your garage door is essentially glass from ceiling to floor, a lot more light gets into the garage. Worried about privacy? Try frosted glass or a frosted glass film to get the light benefit without compromising your privacy.

Curb Appeal. If you want to elevate your home’s curb appeal, there are few things that will do that better than a beautiful new, glass garage door. Curb appeal is often the main reason homeowners choose to go with a glass garage door. We live in an era where contemporary home designs have become a bit bland. Glass garage doors fix that.

No Paint. Many modern garage door panels require a painting or a staining every few years to prevent them from looking dingy and dirty. With glass garage doors, you don’t have to worry about that. All you need to do is get a soft cloth and glass cleaner and you will be good to go.

There is certainly a lot more to glass garage doors. Whether it be to open up your garage space or elevate your home’s resale value, they might be a sure bet. But, they also might not. Let’s examine how so.

The Cons of Having a Glass Garage Door

Obviously, these types of garage doors are not for everyone. Perhaps you live in a neighborhood where you do not feel comfortable having a glass in your garage door. Or maybe it just does not fit your house. Either way, there cons.

Cost. Expense is usually the first thing on someone’s mind and garage doors made primarily of glass can be expensive. You can usually expect a glass door to cost double what a standard steel garage door would cost. This is primarily due to the materials and manufacturing process involved.

Insulation. If you live in Akron, Canton, or the surrounding areas, you know how important it is to stay warm during the winter months, and garage doors with lots of glass in them are not known for keeping warmth in. When going with a glass door, expect to trade good insulation for great looks. But if insulation is top of mind, here is a handy garage door insulation guide.

Impact Resistance. While glass garage doors are stronger then they look, glass is always more likely to break than steel, wood or aluminum. You can invest in tempered glass, which breaks without shattering into pieces, but any glass is going to be more susceptible to physical collisions with things like bumpers and baseballs.

In the end, there are several considerations you should make before choosing a garage door. Make sure you do your due diligence, and you will be sure to make the right choice.

Glass Garage Door Alternatives

Of course, you can also get some of the benefits of a glass door without having to go full bore in purchasing one. There are several alternatives that are more affordable and offer many of pros without the cons.

First, consider single panel window garage doors. This allows daylight into the garage without the cost of all that extra glass. You also benefit from having a wider array of options for color, shape, and window finish. And while windows are most commonly placed at the top of the door, they can also be placed lower for practical or aesthetic purposes, such as when an archway is present.

Second, you could consider flush panels with side windows. While flush panels with side windows are not as modern looking as full glass doors, they can add exactly what your home needs without going full-on glass.

Finally, you may consider a mixed window setup, as it provides a look with more variety. This typically works best with short panels along with a window style and door color that complement the home well. When implemented properly, this style really stands out. Not sure what you are looking for? Check out our handy modern garage door buyer’s guide for more recommendations. 

In the end, whatever type of garage door you go with, remember that Prestige Door is right here to help you with installation and maintenance. Are you considering a glass garage door? Contact us today with any questions you have!

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