Is your garage door old or out of date? Or has it been recently damaged and you have been putting off replacing it? Well, now is the time! The problem for many is the amount of choice out there. For those looking for a new garage door buyer’s guide, we got you covered. And if you live in Akron, Canton, or the surrounding areas, you may have specific needs for your garage door. Whether you use your garage to park your car or play games, a contemporary garage door may be just what you need.

The fact is this: In almost any home, the garage door is front and center when it comes to what people see and how they judge your home. Not only is your garage door aesthetically important, but it must be reliable. The good news is if you need a garage door update, you now have more choices than ever before. Whether you are looking for a specific style, materials, or features, there is a wealth of choice out there available to you. The question now is, how do you choose?

How to Choose a New Garage Door

When we talk about a contemporary or modern garage door, we are referring to designs and styles that are popular with the times. Architecture and home building generally follows trends. Still, your home may not be contemporary, so you want to make sure you don’t choose a garage door that clashes with your home’s architectural style. First, it is important to know what today’s design trends are.

  • Earth Tones: Bold earth tones have made a comeback. Colors inspired by forests, seas, dust and earth are back in vogue. Think terracotta or emerald green. These colors may not be as bright and garish as pastels, but their muted tones make a striking addition to any home, especially those with a more conservative architecture.
  • Industrial Tones: We live in the age of industry and stark lines, harsh grays, and black or silver metal frames are in style. Many homeowners want their garage to reflect a modern, industrial look and the materials are there to their desire a reality. From fiberglass panes to reinforced and glaze glass, the stark, modern look is in and available.
  • Material Usage: Gone are the days when your garage door was composed of just one material. Homeowners can now get creative with their garage door style. Not only do garage doors made from multiple materials sometimes look better, they may also perform better.
  • Customization Options: You can now customize your garage door in more ways than ever before. If you want a unique garage door that is customized for your home, you can do it! Whether it be materials, windows, or how the door operates, our imagination is the only limit.

Beyond how your garage door looks, you also can also customize how it functions. Do you want to increase your home’s overall energy efficiency? You can do it with energy efficient, insulated garage door. Or perhaps you want a garage door with digital connectivity. Well, guess what, WiFi-connected garage doors are a thing!

How to Choose a Garage Door Material

The choices you make when picking your garage door impact everything from how much money you spend to how your garage looks from the curb. Consider that the material your garage door is made represents the foundation of its look, feel, and functionality. That’s why it is so important to understand what your options are and how your choice will affect the outcome of your new garage door installation.

  • Wood: When it comes to projecting an air of luxury and opulence, there is no material more conducive than wood. Natural wood is used in almost any application to jazz up a space, from cars to homes. When paired with a traditional home, wood garage doors add a level of style and elegance other materials simply cannot match. Even better, you can stain or paint your wood garage door to match your home’s style. Just remember that you can choose between both natural and composite wood.
  • Steel: Out of all the garage door materials out there, steel is the most popular. Not only are they relatively inexpensive, they also do not require a lot of maintenance. Steel garage doors are also available in a large variety of styles. Consider that you can even paint a steel garage door to look like wood! Of course, residents looking for garage door repair in Northeast Ohio must worry about rust. Fortunately, high-quality steel garage doors come with coatings that make them resistant to humidity and rust.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum garage doors are popular both because they are lightweight and affordable. And since aluminum is impervious to rust, homeowners don’t need to worry about anti-rust coatings on aluminum garage doors. The downsides to aluminum garage doors include the fact that they are easier to dent and offer less insulation and layering options.

The material your modern garage door is made out of represents one of the most important aspects in choosing a new garage door. It is not a step you should skimp on.

How to Choose a Garage Door Design

Since you now have more design options than ever before, you might be overwhelmed with options. And since your garage door is such an important component of your home, you need to get it right the first time. The question is, what elements of garage door design should you focus on?

  • Color: What color is your home? That should be the first question. The last thing you want is for your garage door color to clash with the rest of your house. Modern garage doors come in a variety of colors, from white, tan, and brown to wood-like finishes and more. Here are some things to consider:
    • Brick homes look great with wood garage doors.
    • Match the color of your garage door with your front door.
    • Match the color of your garage door with a particular piece of trim.
    • Go with a neutral color for your garage door when your house is painted in bright colors.
  • Panels: Garage doors come in a variety of different panel styles. And while a raised panel is the traditional style, recessed paneling is making a comeback. You can even choose a modern garage door that has multiple panel styles. Whether it be one panel per horizontal section or three panels per section, you have plenty of choice when it comes to garage door paneling.
  • Windows: Considering the shape of your garage door (large and flat), it is far more susceptible to wind. And even if you live in a place that does not see large amounts of wind, big gusts can damage a garage door if it is not properly reinforced. Many states even have specific requirements when it comes to how well a garage door can withstand the wind. Make sure to check your local codes and statutes before choosing a garage door for your home.

The fact is, there is a lot to consider when choosing a new, modern garage door. Fortunately, here at Prestige Door, we offer new garage door sales and are happy to advise and help with installation. Contact us today to learn more!

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