If you live in a modern suburban home, which chances are you do since 175 million Americans live in the suburbs, then you are well acquainted with an attached garage. Garages are ubiquitous parts of suburban America. Yet not every home has the same garage. Some have converted their garages into workspaces. Others are detached and have no electricity. They run the gamut. And this is where we come to the age-old question: Is it time for a new garage door?

If you have a detached and underutilized garage with no electricity, chances are you don’t use it much. You probably have an old, unused garage door with deteriorating moving parts. If you want to get your garage back in good working order, you need to decide whether it is worth the cost to repair your old garage door or simply buy a new one.

Are you a new owner of an old home in the Akron or Canton areas? If so, you may be trying to game out how to upgrade and update your old home. Obviously, your garage is a huge part of that. Yet, deciding whether you need something a simple as the repair or replacement of a broken spring, or something far more comprehensive, is not easy. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons.

Why You Should Repair Instead of Replace

There are plenty of benefits to repairing your old garage door. Depending on the damage or disrepair, repairing it can save you money over replacing it. Still, it is important to consider that you really should utilize an expert garage door repair professional if you intend to repair it. Although it is tempting to grab up your tools and whip it, it could be dangerous, especially when you are working with highly torqued springs. If you do not have specific hardware and training, don’t try it!

Still, repairing your door instead of replacing it also offers a level of convenience, in that the repair can usually be completed quickly and you don’t have to shop around for the parts you need. Obviously, safety is also a big concern. If your garage door is in disrepair and has been lacking annual maintenance, having a technician out to repair it is a matter of safety.

Finally, you may have elements on the exterior of your house that require a certain design aesthetic to look good. It may very well be your garage door was once a part of that design aesthetic. Having a technician repair it and then giving it a fresh coat of paint may be exactly what you need. But if your garage door is simply too far gone, maybe you do need to replace it entirely. Let’s look at the pros and cons to doing so.

When You Should Replace Your Garage Door

When your garage door is a hot mess, maybe you should look at a brand new one. There are several reasons why a new garage door might be a good idea. First and foremost, it is an investment into the beauty and long-term value of your home. A new garage door is an upgrade that goes a long way to boosting your curb appeal. Trust us, your neighbors will thank you for replacing an old, broken down and ugly garage door.

A brand new garage door also comes with far less maintenance needs. Of course, annual maintenance is very important, and with a new garage door that’s all you’ll have to worry about. Imagine how great it will be to not have to worry about frequent repairs or playing guessing games on whether the door will open or close on any given morning. After all, the last thing you want is to get stuck when you come home from a cold Akron winter night.

Another oft-overlooked aspect of investing in new garage door technology is that is future-proofed. We’ve talked before about how future garage door technologies are really going to change the game for the industry. One way they are going to do this is through a lowering of homeowners’ utility costs. New garage doors are far more insulated, and new garage door openers operate using far less electricity than their ancestors even 10 years ago.

A brand-new, well-insulated and sealed garage door provides additional options for the enterprising homeowner. For example, if you want to convert your garage into a work, education, or recreational space, installing a new garage door to meet those needs might be just what you need. New garage doors with advanced insulation provide a perfect, climate-controlled space to get what you need done with a minimum of fuss.

What Should You Do?

For many homeowners, but decisions like whether to repair or replace a garage door can lead to a form of paralysis. These are big decisions. Usually, the decision is attributed to cost. Most people assume repairing or replacing their garage door will come with inordinate costs attached to it. Really, what you need to evaluate is both cost and timing.

By the time you need to consider either a repair or a replacement, many times a repair makes the most sense in the short term. The best option is to take a moment to assess the operational health of your garage door. Look at the springs. Are they rusted? Also examine whether the track is aligned or not. If your door is unbalanced due to failing components, you could have a serious safety issue on your hands.

In the end, the fact is a replacement garage door will always be more expensive, but in some cases you may not have a choice. The good news is that new garage doors come with full warranties that cover most common repairs. New garage doors can be customized to enhance the looks of your home and increase its value. This includes features available to protect your garage from the elements and intruders.

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