Sure, we are a garage door company. So, you are probably thinking, “Why are they asking me if I want to build a carport?” Well, we want to provide you the best information according to what your needs are. And in some cases, a carport may just be a better option for your needs. If you are a homeowner with one or more cars, you may be asking yourself whether a carport is a better idea.

A carport is essentially an outdoor structure that houses your vehicle. It is not designed to completely enclose your car, but instead provide overhead protection against the sun or other elements. Whether or not you should go with a carport instead of a garage depends mainly on your lifestyle, budget, and home location. Carports are typically smaller and more inexpensive then fully enclosed garages.

Of course, your home and vehicle are both valuable assets; for may, the most valuable assets. As such, you want to carefully consider the pros and cons of garages and carports before making your decision. Carports and garages each have unique advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a deep dive into them so that you can make an informed decision.

Primary Benefits of Garages

When compared side-by-side with carports, by design garages offer more. They are typically larger, more secure, and more aesthetically pleasing. A garage, for instance, can be designed to match the same aesthetic as the home they are attached to. But even more, the main consideration when deciding to go with a garage over a carport is security. By design, garages are simply more secure. And since passenger cars spend 95% of their lifetimes sitting, protecting your car while it is unused should be a top priority.

A garage is generally fully enclosed, locked, and secure. And not only does a secure garage protect you, your home, and vehicle against theft, but they also protect against the elements. When rain is falling sideways, carports offer far less protection. So, if protecting your vehicle is your top priority, whether from the elements or nefarious individuals, a garage is your better bet.

Garages also provide more space than carports. If you have things you need to store and do not have room in the house, a garage may be your best bet. Unlike a carport, garages can also be used as recreation rooms. If you need an additional room for a gym or office space, a carport simply will not do.

Finally, consider the convenience of a garage over a carport. While the distance between your driveway and your front door may not seem like much, when you are carrying groceries or other items from our car, that little bit of walk time can seem like forever. Also, many homeowners in Akron, Canton, and surrounding towns often have a lot of land and long driveways. Cutting out space and time to walk from your car to your home might be just what you are looking for.

Primary Benefits of Carports

You may have read this far and are thinking, “Why would I ever want a carport?” Believe us, there are uses for carports. Depending on the use case, they come with many inherent benefits. If time, space, and budget are concerns, it may be a carport is just what you need. The first, and primary, benefit of carports are their ease of construction. Put simply, they are just far easier to build than garages. And since they are easier to build and require less building materials, they are far cheaper. In some cases, a carport can take no more than a couple days to install.

Carports are also beneficial where building codes are concerned. Since carports are not living spaces with walls, windows, or doors, they do not have to conform to residential building codes. And unlike garages, carports do not always require a foundation or concrete slab to be erected. In many cases, dirt or grass work just fine.

Another benefit of a carport is less obvious. How often do we look inside someone’s garage and find a cluttered mess? The fact is all too often garages wind up becoming a repository for all our junk. After a year or two, your garage could very well look like it belonged in an episode of Hoarders. By its very nature, carports prevent clutter. After all, they exist only to protect your car, not all your junk as well. And don’t worry, if you already have a garage overrun by clutter, we can help with this handy garage decluttering guide.

Carports can also be beneficial when it comes to resale value. If you don’t already have a garage built on to your home, a carport can actually increase your home’s resale value. A new, clean, convenient carport can make your home a more attractive target for potential buyers who may not like the idea of having to park their car on the street.

Garage/Carport Conversion Options

Are you already a carport-using homeowner? If so, you may be considering what it would take to convert your carport into a garage. In the end, the time and cost associated with converting a carport into a garage depends on the condition and structure of your current carport. It will also depend on what kind of garage you have in mind. Before setting out on a carport conversion, you have to make several considerations.

First, you need to check your local building codes and homeowner association rules (if you are part of one). For example, if you plan to add a garage door or install wiring for lights in your carport, you will likely need to inform your HOA and get a building permit. Also make sure you hire an experienced contractor to assist you. Carport/garage conversions can be done DIY, but you have to take extra care to make absolutely sure you know what you are doing.

Finally, inspect your current structure and consider the materials you will use. Garage walls are the most important part of a garage. Keeping your garage insulated during harsh Ohio winters won’t be easy if you do not pay extra attention to building materials. You also want to make sure you choose exterior paint and materials that match your home.

In the end, carports and garages have unique advantages and disadvantages. If you are considering converting your carport into a garage and have questions about garage door types, designs, or other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your friends at Prestige Door of Ohio!

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