Home design is important. But do you know what’s more important? Relationships. The relationships you establish with those you trust the security and safety of your house with. This goes beyond the window installers and locksmiths. It applies even to the garage door repair professional you use. As a locally owned business based out of Uniontown, we know that communities in our area, our neighbors in Akron and Canton. These are the people who entrust their homes to us. That is a responsibility we take very seriously. No one wants to deal with a damaged garage door.

That’s why we wanted to take a moment to talk about what you should do and consider as you pick a garage door repair professional or company to work with. What attributes should you consider? There are factors that should influence your decision. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Bad Garage Door Repair Reviews Are a Bad Sign

If you hire someone who is not properly licensed, bonded, and insured, you risk a job done wrong. Or more money paid than necessary. You want to work with someone backed by verified reviews and testimonials. Not all garage door repair companies in the Akron and Canton-areas are created equal. They aren’t all properly licensed.

A company’s online reputation is one of its most important attributes in the 21st century. We live in a new age of transparency thanks to the internet. For better or for worse, the invention of the internet has at least created a greater access to information and data than ever before. Reviews and testimonials are an essential part of your online footprint.

As you research who to hire, check a company’s Google Reviews. It is easy for people who have a Google profile – 1.5 billion humans – to leave a review of a business on their Google Listing. If a company has a lot of Google reviews, it is inevitable that a few bad reviews may happen, but you can usually tell if there is a history of bad reviews. You can also glean a lot out of how the garage door repair company responds to reviews both good and bad.

Here at Prestige Door of Ohio, we are proud of the reviews our customers have left us. Our 4.9 out of 5 rating on Google out of a large sampling of 233 reviews is something we are very grateful to have. Check out our repository of reviews! We are humbled.

Proof of Insurance and Licensing Are a Must

Anyone can say they are good at something. But there is a reason why certifications and licensing exist. They are a way for the system to allow us to verify whether the people we trust with things like our home actually have the skill to do the job right. How can we verify if we can trust them if they have not done their own due diligence?

Hiring professionals to assess your garage door maintenance needs can seem like a tough task. Certainly, there are many to choose from in the large Akron, Canton, and Cuyahoga Falls markets. Ensuring the provider you go with has proof of insurance and appropriate state licensing should be a minimum requirement. Obviously reviews are important, but proper insurance and licensing or bonding, these are even more important.

You also want to pay close attention to guarantees and manufacturer’s warranties. A top, trustworthy company will ensure the customer knows what the exact terms of the manufacturer’s warranty are. If there are any additional costs associated with, say, windows in a garage door, they ensure the homeowner is well aware of it.

Garage Door Repair or Otherwise: It’s About Talent and Transparency

The first and most important thing a company must do is be completely transparent with its pricing. They need to avoid hidden fees, which nearly all consumers regardless of type, hate. From the very first visit or phone call, you should get a positive feeling from everyone representing the company. Companies you can trust keep you in the loop.

Your garage door repair provider should also have the appropriate tools. They should obviously know what they are doing and not have to ask you 20 questions to get to the bottom of your repair need. Look for efficiency and knowledge. Are their techniques sound?

No one wants to have to call a garage door repair professional. We get it. We count on the garage door to work right the first time and every time. Consciously, we know they will eventually need to be replaced, but that isn’t something we actively think about. When we do have to think about it, it’s usually a shock.

Garage door repair in the wrong cans is a risky thing. Garage door repair companies must go through a very strict process to get listed on Google, for example. It is rigorous and designed to determine whether the world’s largest search provider will allow us to advertise in the areas in Akron, Canton, and the surrounding areas. Obviously, we need to conduct this advertising. We operate in the digital age. And we are proud to have passed through Google’s Advanced Verification procedure and can now advertise across all digital platforms.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Right Repair Professional

Here are some additional tips on hiring the right guy or gal for your repair bid. First, don’t hesitate to get multiple bids. We would obviously love to get your business here at Prestige Door, but we acknowledge you have options. If you want to get multiple bids, do so! And when you are working with multiple companies, pay attention to things like response times and follow up.

What companies offer 24-hour emergency service? How long have the companies you evaluate been in business? Here’s a question you may not have initially considered. Do they use sub-contractors or are the technicians employed by the company? As a Uniontown-based, family-owned company, we are proud to employ our technicians. We offer competitive pay and attractive benefits.

Finally, consider studying a company’s BBB ratings. The Better Business Bureau is well-known among American consumers and people will often leave credible reviews there. A poor BBB rating is a bad sign for a company. We are proud of our A+ rating.

We only want you to call us when you absolutely have to. It’s never a fun topic, garage door repair. But when it comes up, you want peace of mind that you can trust the people you have to call to your home. We are proud to be one of the companies you can trust. We are your neighbors. Contact Prestige Door whenever you need us.

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