They look good. They sound good on paper. But should you invest in a glass garage door? For some, a glass garage door might seem like the perfect choice for homeowners who want a specific style and aesthetic appeal. Glass garage doors offer a sleek, sturdy design that will ensure your neighbors are just as impressed as your guests. And even though you may wonder whether they are secure or not, you can rest assured that the right glass panel garage door will protect your home from home invaders and inclement weather. Hard glass is a decent option for both good looks and durability. Once you have laid your eyes on a glass garage door and the allure they bring, it’s hard to want anything else. But is it truly for you?

Top Considerations When Choosing a Glass Garage Door

There are certain considerations you must – pun intended – weigh when you decide to invest in a glass garage door. The weight of the glass, for instance, can be heavy enough to weigh the same amount as a steel garage door. So, it is important that you consider the overall weight of the door and the specific design of your garage. It is because of the weight of glass panel garage doors that homeowners who choose them should consider an electric garage door opener.

Fortunately, most glass garage doors are made of aluminum with glass inserts to decrease the overall weight. There are some steel and glass garage door options but they are generally a lot more heavy and cumbersome, which most homeowners don’t prefer. You can also paint aluminum garage doors in a variety of colors and come in many different designs.

You may wonder whether glass panel garage doors come with proper insulation. Fortunately, insulated glass garage door options are available. Of course, you may pay a little more for energy-efficient glass panel garage doors that equal the efficiency of properly insulated steel or aluminum varieties, but sometimes you have to make a trade-off if you want to go with a garage door that looks good but is less energy efficient.

Much like any other type of garage door, there are pros and cons to glass garage doors. They may be visually beautiful, but they are not without their drawbacks. Let’s take a deeper dive into why you may or may not want to go with a glass garage door for your home.

Glass Garage Door Pros

Let’s be honest, glass panel garage doors and garage doors with a variety of window designs have a lot of aesthetic appeal. There is simply no denying if you want your home to look fancy and fine, glass garage doors are a fantastic option. Most people choose garage doors of this type because they look so beautiful. Most garage doors built with glass are usually custom garage doors, which means you can stand out from others on your block.

Another big advantage of glass garage doors is that they let the light in. Open up your garage and bring in natural light with glass. For homeowners who transform their garage into a home office or workspace, glass panel garage doors are the perfect option. The light that shines into your garage will be warm and bright, allowing you to use less electric light and save on your utility bill. Even if you don’t use your garage for an alternate purpose, allowing for more light in the garage is great for entering and exiting your car. You’ll know where to put your key without the need to turn on the light.

While many may automatically assume that glass garage doors are not sturdy or durable, that would be an improper assumption. Glass panels are no longer fragile or easily breakable. They are manufactured with durability and security in mind. Why? Because most OEMs use tempered glass in their manufacturing process. In some cases, if security really is a primary concern, homeowners can purchase varieties made with bulletproof glass.

You’ll also never need to paint glass garage doors, for obvious reasons. Normal garage doors generally require a paint or stain every couple of years. Take wooden garage doors as one example. If you don’t properly keep up the paint or stain on wooden garage doors they may fade or split as the years go by. Glass panel garage doors only require a simple wipe with glass cleaner and a soft cloth every few months.

What Are the Cons?

While there are numerous advantages to glass garage doors, that doesn’t mean they are for everybody. Whether you want a glass garage door or not depends on your desires as a homeowner. As we mentioned before, the first major drawback of a glass panel garage door is weight. All those glass panels are quite heavy. If you are replacing a current garage door with a glass garage door you most certainly will need to replace the garage door opener to account for the added weight. It is also likely that your torsion or extension springs will also likely need to be replaced.

Cost is another factor if you are considering glass garage doors. Tempered glass panels are simply more expensive than other garage door materials. The cost will also go up depending on the type of glass panel you want. If you want a frame-less look, expect to pay more. If you want mirrored glass so that people cannot see in from the outside, again, expect to pay more. Laminated or opaque panels will simply cost more.

Simply put, you cannot add insulation to glass panel garage doors. Hollow panel steel, fiberglass, or aluminum garage doors can be outfitted with insulation panels to ensure the worst of the weather stays out and the warmth stays in. Glass panels cannot be similarly insulated, so during harsh Akron winters, you may find cold air developing in your garage easier than it would with insulated garage doors.

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