Your garage doesn’t need to look like a cement square with a car in it. Depending on the size and scope of your garage and home, your garage could be the perfect kind of place for certain finishes and wall covering ideas. If you have an unfinished garage, view it as a canvas. This is the perfect time to get creative. After all, you don’t want to have an unfinished garage attached to your beautiful home. Not only will it undermine your home’s value, but it could also impact safety. Finished garage ideas might be just what you need. Garage walls offer a maximum vertical area. Quite often this area is underused or used in a haphazard fashion. Whether it be for tools, supplies, a bike rack, cabinetry, or even artistic decoration – unused wall space should be considered an asset and used as such. If your garage is an office, teaching, or recreation space, obviously the walls should be used for all sorts of different things. Are you considering a complete makeover of your garage? Do you wonder what kind of wall covering and finished garage ideas might suit the space best? Don’t worry, we’re here to help with some solid recommendations.

Why Are Wall Coverings Important

Painting is obviously the easiest and cheapest of all garage door wall-covering options. And it doesn’t matter what type of walls your garage is constructed of. Whether wood, metal, concrete or even cinder blocks – painting is an option. Even better, painting your garage is generally inexpensive and DIY. Why hire a professional if you can do it yourself for half the cost? Just be careful with that attitude when in need of garage door repairs. Some garage door repair jobs require a trained professional, otherwise, you could find yourself in a dangerous situation. Here is something else to consider. As Northeast Ohio residents, we must contend with all sorts of weather-related issues in our homes. Whether you look for garage door repair services in Akron or Canton, seasonal moisture can be a major problem. That’s why an acrylic latex paint covering on your garage also protects your garage from moisture, dampness, and mold. When you apply a sealant to waterproof the paint, it protects the acrylic from any contact with moisture. The sealant also adds some brightness to the dull, chalky look of the acrylic paint. This will prevent the acrylic paint also from fading off. Do you use your garage for recreational activities? Or is it there to simply park your car? Either way, consider a bright paint coating. Why? Because not only will the interior be bright and well-lit, but it will look spacious and roomy. And depending on the paint you use, you might see some energy savings. Insulating paint is a great option for cost-conscious homeowners. If you don’t want to go with paint, consider batt insulation, which also reduces energy bills. But what if you’ve already gotten your garage walls painted the way you want them? Well, consider other wall covering options. Paint is not the only option in your toolkit.

Other Finished Garage Ideas Worth Considering

Many homeowners choose drywall as a garage covering. It is anchored to your wall using a particular type of resin or drywall screws. It is also a very inexpensive option. But why would someone want to drywall their garage? Well, drywall in your garage provides a clean, finished look. And when used in combination with insulation, it makes for great climate control no matter the season. Finishing your garage with drywall can also add value to your home. The only problem? This particular garage all covering can be harmful to your health. Drywall releases silica dust, which can harm your lungs. It is important to use specific safety gear when installing drywall. While this may seem like a blast from the past, consider wood panels as a way to add some aesthetic appeal to your garage walls. They are sold as either vertical wood planks or horizontal slats. And while it may seem odd, wood paneling can also be painted. But why would you decide to go with wood paneling? Well, for one, it is cheaper and easier to install than drywall. And the panels can be used to accommodate all sorts of cabinetry, shelving, hooks, racks, or other supply or equipment pieces. The one disadvantage to wood paneling as one of your finished garage ideas? They are relatively expensive and depending on what you intend to hang on them, they may need extra support between the wood paneling and the wall. For more inexpensive options, go with plywood or OSB panels. You can install them quickly and easily and paint them to suit your needs. You could also consider metal paneling as a garage wall covering option. The main reason to use metal paneling is its durability. You can choose among all sorts of options, from corrugated metal sheets to fencing and grating. You can even use diamond plating if you want a more high-end, aesthetically appealing, and durable garage wall finish. Or, go retro and utilize metal sheets from old tin roofs, barns, or sheds. There are some disadvantages to metal paneling, however. For one, they add extra expense. They may also need additional screws or special supports depending on the type of wall mounts you consider.

Final Garage Finished Garage Ideas for Your Consideration

Do you want to maximize space in your garage? Consider lattice walls, slat walls, or peg boards. These are very utilitarian options and provide a higher level of flexibility within your garage. They are also quite sturdy and long-lasting. Painted, they can even add to your garage’s aesthetic appeal. Finally, let’s look at plastic or fiberglass. Both are particularly cost-effective and maintenance-free. They are easy to install and easy to clean. They are a great idea for high-traffic areas or areas exposed to dust and grime. If you use your garage as a shop for vehicle repairs, plastic or fiberglass are good options. When combined with batt insulation, fiberglass offers insulation properties during harsh summers or winters from Akron to Uniontown. While we don’t offer garage door finish construction as part of our services, we hope this article has been helpful as you consider the best finished garage ideas for your garage. Otherwise, for all your garage door repair or maintenance needs, consider Prestige Door and learn more about what makes us your trusted garage door repair guys in Akron, Canton, and the surrounding areas.
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