Do you have a noisy garage door? If so, just remember that any noises you hear might not be coming from the garage door itself. There are many components involved in the proper functioning of your garage door, and it could very well be that if you find yourself asking, “Why does my garage door rattle?” just consider that it may not be your garage door rattling at all.

Those annoying noises you hear could actually be coming from your rollers, springs, or even your garage door opener. That’s why we wanted to take a moment today to provide you with a primer on how to diagnose unknown and unwanted noises as you open and close your garage door. We’ll even cover noises coming from your garage door remote.

When Your Garage Door Makes Noise

It is perfectly normal for you to have a slightly noisy garage door. In fact, it is quite easy to become used to various household noises. Many of your household appliances make noise as they go about their business. Even some noise from your garage door is normal. But you can usually tell if the noise is abnormal. Abnormal noise generally indicates that your garage door might have structural issues.

If you hear a banging sound, it could be caused by your garage door panels. Or, you may need to put your garage door back on its track. Scraping noises might signal more severe problems because it may mean that your garage door is scraping against your house. It could also signal that your garage door is unbalanced.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of different noises that can connotate a problem with your garage door. Clinking sounds, for instance, could be the result of rust buildup on your spring coils, which causes them to rub together. Popping sounds could be the result of one of your torsion springs snapping. Rubbing sounds could result from bent tracks or tracks that are too tight. Grinding noises come from loose rollers or hinges.

It is important to keep in mind that some garage door noises can be fixed DIY, but others cannot. For example, if your torsion springs have snapped, it is important you contact a garage door repair professional.

When Your Garage Door Opener Makes Noise

Remember, strange noises aren’t always the result of your garage door, or even the hardware associated with your garage door. The noises could be coming from the garage door opener itself. If your garage door opener is making strange noises, it could be a big problem. It could be either a lack of lubrication, which is less serious. Or, it could be broken components, which is obviously more serious.

Most garage door experts recommend annually servicing your garage door. Do you conduct annual garage door maintenance? If not, you should be. With regular maintenance, you can prevent early wear and tear on the machinery within your garage door opener. You can also try a few simple DIY options to double check that the problem is your garage door opener.

With the door closed, pull the manual release and disconnect the door from the garage door opener, then run the opener with the remote or door control. Are there any excessive or abnormal noises coming from the opener unit itself? If your garage door opener is making a lot of noise, you may have a problem with the drive tension.

If you have a premium garage door opener installed in your home, it likely will have a battery backup and also be Wi-Fi connected. So, what if you hear a beeping sound coming from your garage door opener? Beeps are there to inform you that a step you are performing is either complete or there is an issue with the device.

Are you having problems with a noisy garage door or garage door opener? Remember that not all problems should be fixed DIY. If you have any questions about whether you should do the work or if you are having trouble isolating the problem do not hesitate to contact a garage door repair professional.


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