Are you planning a garage? If so, welcome to Part I of our new series, The Ultimate Garage Guide. In this multi-part series we are going to look at the various garage types and styles on the market today. Over the course of this series, we are going to take a deep dive into the world of garages and garage doors, examining everything from garage categories, options, styles, sizes, materials, types and so much more. We’ll cover it all!

It is important to remember that just as there are many types of garage doors, such as the always-popular glass garage door, there are also many types of garage door designs and even garages themselves. As you drive around Akron, Canton, and the surrounding areas, it isn’t hard to see the variety in homes and garages. That’s why we want to break it all down for you.

This is going to be such a deep information dive that we couldn’t possibly fit it into one blog. Are you ready to take a journey deep into the world of garages? Let’s go! We will start with the different garage types available today.

The Attached Garage

Attached garages are the most popular of all garage types and styles out there. And they are almost always built when the home is built, which ensures a consistent look, feel, and transition from garage to home. While attached garages are typically used to store a car or other household items, some homeowners prefer to transform their attached garage into a classroom or office space. Since they are attached, they provide greater flexibility as well. And it is more convenient to enter the home without having to go outside in the dark or in bad weather.

When an attached garage is built onto a house, there is usually an interior door from the home into the garage. Attached garages are usually built already insulated to protect from inclement weather. And during harsh Akron, Ohio winters, an insulated garage and garage door is a must. Attached garages are the most common garage types you will see nationwide.

The Detached Garage

Not everyone wants a garage attached to their home, for whatever reason. If you want an unattached garage that can be built anywhere on your property, then a detached garage may be just what you are looking for. And depending on the age and style of your home, it should not be too difficult to match paint, roofing or exterior siding on both your house and your garage. You may even want to go with a prefab garage to save both time and money. Going prefab allows you to get creative with your garage style.

A detached garage might be a good option if your home doesn’t have a good access point for a garage door. There may also be property or landscaping restrictions that prevent you from having a garage close to your home. And since you can build a garage on after the fact, you’ll save money while still having the garage you’ve always wanted.

The Breezeway or Portico Garage

Never heard of a breezeway or portico garage? If not, don’t worry. Think of these garages as a type of hybrid between an attached and detached garage type. If you want to have a detached garage located near your home but also want the benefits that come with having a garage, these garage types may just be the perfect option. The breezeway is what connects the “detached” garage to the house.

You can also opt for a simple roof or portico to keep you dry as you walk from your home to your car. It does not have to be entirely closed in. But if you do enclose the entire space, it will provide an excellent place to stash items you need in bad weather, from rain boots to umbrellas and more. In the end, the benefit comes in not having to go outside, while still maintaining the distance a detached garage brings.

The Portable Garage and Carport

Portable garages and/or carports are great options for homeowners who need to protect their car or outdoor equipment but do not want to commit to a fully built out garage. Portable garages and carport garage types are also good for staying in compliance with a home owner’s association. Consider that many neighborhood HOAs require outdoor equipment, boats, RVs, and other related vehicles be places under some kind of covering.

Portable garage types are are also quick to install or breakdown, where necessary and cleaning them is a breeze. Simply hose and scrub. Depending on the quality of your purchase, portable garages and carports are generally strong and long-lasting due to their bolted brackets and layered woven fabrics. Still, before embarking on a portable garage installation, make sure you check with your local permitting offices and HOA to ensure you are not breaking the rules or violating residential codes.

The Barn Garage

You may have read that subheading and thought, “But wait, a barn is not a garage!” Well, we are here to tell you that it certainly can be. If you want the combination of a single-car garage plus have plenty of extra storage space and interior real estate, you may want to opt for a barn garage. Whether you are looking for loft storage or want something with a more custom look, this may be the garage type for you. You can choose your garage door and choose whatever type of paneling you want.

Fortunately, barn garages can be personalized in whatever form or fashion you want. And the paneling is generally paint-ready. Optional walk-in doors also provide greater accessibility so you can get in and out without having to open or close the garage door itself.

Well, that about does it for our primer on garage types. Join us in Part II of this new, ongoing series, where we will take a close examination of the various types of garage doors you can choose for your home!

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