Just ask anyone in Northeast Ohio and the will tell you, weather plays a big role in almost every life consideration. Whether you live in Akron, Canton, or anywhere in the vicinity, the weather you experience is largely the same. Summers are often warm, humid, and partly cloudy. Winters are cold, windy, and mostly cloudy. The temperature in NE Ohio can vary, with an absolute low of 7 degrees Fahrenheit to a maximum high of 89 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a pretty wide range, which means you have to ensure you are prepared for whatever weather eventually occurs. The last thing you want is to deal with a weather-related garage door repair.

The fact is this: Weather, in its many forms, can be one of the most unpredictable factors when it comes to keeping your home exterior in tip-top shape. And this is especially true of your garage door. Since Northeast Ohio residents don’t live in a tropical environment, the weather varies widely. From summer heatwaves to massive wind storms and winter blizzards, we deal with just about any weather type imaginable. And if you aren’t careful, the weather can take a toll on your garage door, impacting its functionality over time.

While you can’t entirely eliminate the negative effects of poor weather, you can ensure you and your home is prepared for it. When you go out in bad weather, you make sure to protect your body. The same should be said of your home. If you stay on top of maintenance and servicing, you will keep your garage door working perfectly no matter what kind of weather beats and batters it. Let’s take a closer look at how.

How Akron’s Summer Heat Waves Impact Your Garage Door

Though it may be hard to believe, sunlight and heat can have a major impact not only on how your garage door looks, but how it functions. A heat-related garage door repair is not out of the ordinary. The hotter and more intense the heat, the more potential for negative effects on your garage door and its attendant machinery. First, a bright glare from the sun could interfere with the optimal functioning of your garage door’s photo-eye. What happens then? Well, it may cause your door to operate as though there is an obstruction in front of the photo-eye. It may prevent you from closing the door. How do you prevent it? Consider a small sun deflector around the photo-eye.

Warmer temperatures and excessive humidity also lend themselves to an unwanted garage door repair call. Humidity is known to cause problems with electronic controllers and components. But it can also cause warping and premature deterioration of wooden garage doors, specifically. If you have a wooden garage door in your home, consider applying a protective weather sealing topcoat to it during the warmer summer months. Brand new wooden garage doors typically come with a protective coating already, but if you have an older door, it may be considering adding a coat yourself or hiring someone to do it.

The look and feel of your garage door are also impacted by excessive heat. Extreme weather causes more than the need for a garage door repair professional, it also causes aesthetic problems. Over time, the sun constantly beating down on your garage door may cause the paint to fade. If you do notice excessive fade and decide to repaint it, make sure to go with a high-quality paint that is less susceptible to fading.

How Cold Canton Winters Impact Your Garage Door

Hot weather is bad for your garage door, but a case can certainly be made that cold weather is worse. There are a lot more aspects to cold weather that makes it dangerous for your door. Prolonged wet and cold weather causes your garage door to expand and contract. This can also impact door frames and components. As a result, you could experienced poor functionality or damage over time. Excessively low temperatures also impact the lubricants as well, causing them to thicken. This will impair the proper functioning of your garage door.

Ice and snow melt can also cause your garage door to freeze to the ground. Far too often does a Cuyahoga Falls resident get up early and head out for work only to find their garage door frozen to the ground. While this in itself is not a garage door repair-worthy event, if you don’t realize what is happening and try to force open the garage door, it could quickly turn into a repair-worthy event. If our garage door is frozen to the ground, go back inside, heat up a pot of water, then pour the hot water onto the ice. Or you could use an ice scraper to scrape it off. Whatever you do, just make sure you don’t try to force your garage door opener to open it. Doing so could irreparably damage the opener.

Finally, make sure you prepare for the winter before it arrives. You have all summer to clean your gutters, garage, and area around the garage door. Make sure any fall leaves have also been removed. Leaves and other detritus can get frozen to the ground or your garage door and lead to problems. And if your garage door is not insulated, be sure to have that done. Preparation is also important when winter hits. Keep a close eye on snow or pooling water around the garage door. And check for ice during really cold mornings.

The Final Word on Extreme Weather and Garage Door Repair

If you are buying a new home or a new garage door, consider one that is impact-resistant, as this will help minimize weather damage. Also consider installing a bracing kit if high winds are prone to damage or throw off your garage door. Finally, invest in all-weather lubricants and carefully watch for brittle or weakened springs.

Extreme weather doesn’t happen based on our wishes or needs. It can happen unexpectedly all throughout the year. So, as extreme weather events become more common, it is important we are prepared. From extreme temperature swings to flashfloods, tornadoes, and so much more – these things can damage your garage door. Smart home owners approach these events from a proactive, rather than a reactive stance.

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