Are you a homeowner looking for garage door repair in Akron? Or do you need a consultation for carriage garage doors on your Canton home? Say that five times fast! Or perhaps you are wondering if side entry doors are your best option. That’s what the Prestige Door blog is here for. To help you make these tough garage door repair and installation decisions. So, let’s talk more about side entry and carriage-style garage doors. Because you need to pick the garage door that is right for your house. Let’s start with side entry garage doors.

One of the most important things to any homeowner is space. Sure, design, aesthetics, insulation, and other important aspects matter, but in reality, space is what people look for. To achieve a maximum level of space without sacrificing comfort, you can choose side-facing garage doors. The side entry garage door is generally located in the middle of your garage. Homeowners enter laterally. Side-entry doors are hidden from view. People on the street cannot easily see your garage door as a result. Side-entry garage doors are thus generally more secure.

When Should You Choose Side-Entry Garage Doors?

As we mentioned before, maximum space is one of the best benefits of a side entry garage door. Front-facing garage doors occupy a bit more internal space. Side-entry garage doors, by nature of their design, use less space. This means you have more space for parking or storage. You can park larger vehicles in your garage. If you need a bigger gap for your large SUV or truck, side-entry doors may be your best option. The garage door opening mechanism also is not mounted on the ceiling on side-entry doors. This means you can park taller vehicles in your garage.

Side-entry garage doors also hold aesthetic appeal, even if they aren’t as readily visible as front-facing garage doors. As we have discussed before, curb appeal is important. Your home’s curb appeal directly impacts its resale value. And your garage plays a big part in ensuring great curb appeal. If you decide to install a side-entry garage door, you can keep the symmetry of your home’s exterior intact. But you can also outfit side-entry garage doors with other accessories and garage door styles.

Finally, consider function. The side jackshaft opener is fitted to your garage sidewall. This reduces space usage and overall noise and vibrations. You can also innovate with your garage door style, exterior, or improvisation of design. Simply put, if right for you, consider side-entry garage doors!

Are Carriage-Style Garage Doors Right for You?

Most homes utilize a residential garage door. And when you’re selling your house (or buying a new one) you can expect every aspect of that house to be assessed. From security to cost-effectiveness, natural beauty, and exterior paint. Of course, there are many garage door types, sizes, and styles. Side-entry garage doors are not your only option. Carriage-style garage doors are also quite beautiful. Homeowners generally source them in real wood, faux wood, or wood composite. They can also be customized to fit numerous design, feature, color, and finish options. In the end, installing carriage-style garage doors may be just what you need to impress potential buyers. People will assess looks and functionality.

Carriage-style garage doors are also sometimes referred to as barn-style garage doors. They appeal to a broad audience because they fit equally well with both modern and vintage home styles. Many homeowners in Akron, Canton, and the surrounding areas use ornate metal hinges to mount their carriage-style garage doors. This gives them a much more vintage aesthetic. These large hinges were used hundreds of years ago to sing open and make room for horse-drawn carriages.

Carriage-style garage doors are adaptable, timeless, and filled with old-school charm. And they are appropriate for houses of all ages and styles. Still, they are no without their drawbacks. As a homeowner, you must conduct your due diligence, just as you would to keep a thief from breaking in, to ensure carriage-style garage doors are right for you. For example carriage garage doors utilize a wrought-iron strap, hinges, and decorative hardware. These can be susceptible to rusting over time.

What Should You Choose?

As we have mentioned many times, what you ultimately choose will depend on the needs of your home. If your home is built for a front-facing garage door, then carriage-style may be better for you. Carriage-style garage doors also improve storage space because they open outward. And they allow light in through small windows. Although you can also source small windows on your side-entry garage door. Both varieties also go a long way to improving your home’s curb appeal. Ensure you choose a material that is long-lasting and looks good.

Are you ready for a big-time garage door upgrade? Here at Prestige Door, we work on more than just front-facing garage doors. Side-entry and carriage-style garage door installations are common day-in and day-out calls for us. We can also assist you in choosing a garage door that fits within your home’s overall aesthetic. We have an eye for those sorts of things. You can also expect us to provide you with honest estimates each and every time. Do need garage door repair or installation services? Contact your friends at Prestige Door!

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